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Bromley is an American Staffordshire Terrier

Bromley is an American Staffordshire Terrier. According to an anonymous source at the Schenectady County (NY) Animal Shelter, a "breeder" delivered young Bromley and a sibling to the shelter at the end of 2001. Bromley was soon adopted by a couple. Since Bromley was an high-energy, exuberant dog, they sent him to doggie obedience school. They loved him dearly. However, within a year they had a child and soon found they couldn't manage Bromley and the child at the same time. Reluctantly they took him to the Saratoga County (New York) Animal Shelter. The shelter did everything they could to promote Bromley's adoption, even featuring him on their website. Although he is a handsome dog, he was no longer a puppy; he languished at the shelter for at least six months.

In early 2003 we purchased a house in the area with a fenced-in back yard. After years of traveling in our early retirement with several cats, my husband decided he was ready for a dog. That was fine with me, although I asked that he get something small and, especially, not get a terrier because they dig. While I signed papers at the shelter, Bob went to look at the dogs. I found him five minutes later with his arms around Bromley -- 70 pounds and a terrier!

There was no separating them. Bromley came home with us and immediately became a loving, if unruly, part of the family. He took over the back yard and the couch in our den. Bob and Bromley are always together -- "Brom" even helps Bob with his Meals-on-Wheels route. With age Bromley has calmed down and allowed us to take the attached photo.

Susan Coveney
Malta, N.Y.

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