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Here are some testimonials from our customers about Paw Street Barkery's Organic Dog Treats.

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  • Great job tony keep up the good work... we talked on the river. great dog treats now you need to get some cat treats up and running   - Mike, 7/20/10
  • My two dogs Poncho and Mai'ling just love your treats. They go banannas just hearing the bag rattle when I open it. You have made my kids happy go lucky. - Robert, 5/29/10
  • I had cookies made for our 1 year old yellow lab Chloe for Valentine's Day. Perfect heart shaped cookies! She loved them so much we had to hide them from her. Thanks again Shawn!  - Kate, 4/11/10
  • I have Dobby and Quigley, and they could barely wait to open their yummy barkersdozen treats on Christmas. They could smell the delicious treats THROUGH the box, and kept jumping on the counter to try to get them. Unfortunately for them I made them wait till Christmas day. they were mad at me but so anxious. SO the day came and they each got a carob dipped big dipper. Dobby ran one way while Quigley ran the other. Both trying to hide their treat from each other. There was not even one crumb left. On a business note, the price of everything was perfect, and the shipping was great. I would definitely recommend these guys (this company and product) to all pet owners and lovers! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Barkers Dozen! Thanks Shawn  - Tara, 12/31/09
  • I think the name of this business is so clever!! I met Shawn at a class. This is when I learned about Barkers Dozen. I know how much people love their animals and enjoy giving them special things. They are concerned about the happiness and health of their pet and this product is a great addition to the doggie diet. Almost all my employees have one or more pets (I rescued 3 dogs) and we encourage our customers to share their "babies" with us. We are proud to offer these little treats to our four legged guests. My salon sells Paul Mitchell Pet products and I am making up little gift baskets where Barkers Dozen treats will be added! How delightful!! Good Luck Shawn, There is no doubt that all your hard work and TLC will turn to amazing success soon. Keep on baking!  - Mary Ann, 11/12/09
  • Miles and Matthew have received their treats and they love them! When we come in from outside they run right to the shelf where the treats are and wait for them.  - Kathryn Meade, 11/9/09
  • My dogs liked the knotted bones SO MUCH that they have hid them all around the room under cushions, sofas, plants, etc. This is a treat to savor! EXCEPT when someone wants to sit down...  - Julie Adamski,  10/24/09
  • I heard about the new web site. We no longer have pets but have certainly had our share when our children were growing up. Keep up the good work Shawn. There are lots of furry friends you will be making happy.   -  Brenda Knight, 10/17/09


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